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Darren is the co-creator and Rally Director for the SONORA RALLY. The race is a four day navigation rally through the intoxicating desert and dunes of Sonora, Mexico, bringing innovative new elements and terrain undiscovered by the off-road racing world. 2016 was their sophomore effort, and the year the prestigious DAKAR RALLY took notice, making them an official DAKAR CHALLENGE, where the winner of the bike competition won an entry to the 2017 Dakar Rally, (worth $20,000).  With dunes that rival those found in Africa and world-class navigation challenges, there is no other race like this in North America. Throughout the many years Darren has raced in the prestigious Dakar Rally, he has dreamed of bringing a Dakar style rally to North America, and now, with the help of his partner Scott Whitney, racers can finally get a taste of the world famous "RALLY DAKAR", close to home. 

For more info on the Sonora Rally, please visit SONORARALLY.COM 

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