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Born in St. Albans England, Darren spent his childhood summers growing up around the British drag racing scene, where his father was a champion racer. Moving to California at the age of 13 his love of hot rods continued as he followed his father on the NASCAR Winston West and IMSA circuits.


In 1991 Darren began his motorsports career in earnest by navigating for legendary off-road champion Don Adams in the Baja 1000. In 1992, after graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Political Science, Darren began driving in desert races. Since then has won 6 class titles at the Baja 1000 and captured 4 class championships.


In 1995, Skilton began racing internationally when he became the only American driver seeded for FIA Cross Country Rallies, competing in races like the Atlas Rally in Morocco, Baja Portugal and Baja Espana. In 2000 he led his two car factory Kia team to finish the Dakar rally, a first for the Korean manufacturer. Returning 8 more times to the Dakar resulted in two OP Class victories for Skilton in 2011 and 2012.

With a desire to combine his passion for adventure and exploration with the practical knowledge of desert survival and driving skill, Darren started his company Baja Automotive Adventures. He started by leading expeditions into the Baja California back country, but the search for adventures further afield led  Darren to prepare an expedition traveling from Santiago, Chile to Tierra Del Fuego by 4x4, for American Racing Wheels. While working closely with media and automotive manufactures, Darren has gained the knowledge and experiencein developing and executing international marketing and advertising campaigns.


The love of exploring the lost corners of the earth has guided him from the Mexican back country to South American mountain trails to the Saharan Dunes in Africa.  His love of  sport is ever present, whether skiing in Chamonix, climbing the Tetons of Wyoming or off the grid camping in Baja.  As co-driver and friend Glen Plake once put it, "Darren’s life is all about Gasoline and Gravity."


Skilton is fluent in French and Spanish and currently resides in Long Beach,California. 

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