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3-day Professional Off-Road Driving School 

Located at one of our private Baja off road facilities this school is designed to provide a needed help for

those starting out in the sport.  We give instruction in car handling, terrain reading and off road high

performance driving techniques. We also discuss the proper way to approach racing in Baja from

passing, pitting, pre-running and giving back to the Baja community. We have three types

of vehicles you will drive from stock to tube chassis race car to learn the proper techniques.


We can also tailor the program to Dakar depending on your racing goals.

This school is required before any of our race vehicle rental programs, unless otherwise approved.

Schools are available out of La Paz, Ensenada and Sonora. Hotel and meals are included. Airfare is not included.

We can arrange accommodation and activities for non-students in conjunction with your stay at the school through
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